Peter Opheim

Peter Opheim is an American artist born in Germany.

Peter Opheim is an American artist, born in 1961, in Landstuhl, Germany. He lives and works in New York City, New York and in San Cristobal, New Mexico.

His ongoing body of work is a complex amalgamation of portraiture and still-life. For Opheim, it is important that his work have a real world referent, and to this end, he renders tiny clay models before beginning a painting. The “subjects” are an ever expanding family of grotesquely soulful creatures.

Lovingly painted creatures with colorful, play-doh-like skin confront the viewer with bulging eyes, disjointed body parts and various, sometimes misplaced, orifices. As Boston Globe critic Cate McQuaid observed, “Opheim navigates the unruly thicket of themes blending childhood with adulthood – concepts that we ordinarily prefer to keep separate – to unsettling effects.”

Opheim’s work has been shown both nationally and internationally and is in many public and private collections. Most recently he has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, at Zevitas/Marcus Gallery, in Seoul, Korea at the Columns Gallery, in Miami at Now Contemporary Art, in Boston, at Steven Zevitas Gallery, and in New York City at VOLTA NY, with the Steven Zevitas Gallery.

American. Born in Landstuhl, Germany, 1961.
Education: St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, B.A., 1983

Recent Solo Exhibitions

2016 Fables of the Eleven Rooms and Six Houses, Zevitas/Marcus Gallery,
Los Angeles, California

A Bear, a Duck, A Rabbit, Peter Opheim Paintings, Coup D’Etat,
San Francisco, California

2014 The Place on the Other Side of Air, Now Contemporary Art, Miami, Florida

2012 LAND, Boltax Gallery, Shelter Island, New York

FOREST, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

Peter Opheim: Lines and Form, Donna Leatherman Fine Art,
New York, New York

Recent Group Exhibitions

2016 Group Show, HPGRP Gallery, Osaka, Japan.

Summer Group Show, Now Contemporary Art, Miami, Florida

Random Visions, David Anthony Fine Art, Taos, New Mexico

2015 The Guston Effect, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

Valentine’s Cardiovascular, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington,

2014 Pumpkin Pie, Daniel Rolnick Gallery, Los Angeles, California