Daniel Mullen

Daniel Mullen lives and works in Amsterdam.

As a child, Mullen was already fascinated by constructed space. This fascination, in combination with Lego, became the playground for his imagination. As an adult, no longer having that direct relationship to space, the canvas-picture plane becomes the conduit and activator to explore that prior capacity. Mullen sees his work not as paintings but as fleeting manifestations of curiosity.

While studying at the Gerrit Reitveld Academie, he rediscovered his passion for architecture. This lead to his first series of highly representational paintings based on modern architecture. After his graduation in 2011, Mullen continued to develop his work, slowly introducing abstraction in search of a more open interpretation, placing emphasis on defining the boundaries of his universe.

In 2012 Mullen was nominated for the Buning Brongers prize for painting in the same year he was also one of the finalist of the TV program de Nieuwe Rembrant. Mullen has exhibited nationally and abroad, most notably in New York and Berlin. In 2014 he was nominated for the Koninklijke Prijs voor Schilderkunst (The Dutch Royal prize for painting). In 2016 he was also longlisted for the Aesthetica Art prize.

“I paint images of abstract architectural volumes and spaces in which the scale is left to the imagination of the viewer. My tools include paint, paper tape, and pencil, while drawing aesthetic inspiration primarily from the Neoplaticism and Constructivism movements. Additionally, I’m interested in a correlation with computer generated images through the use of perspective, repetition, fractals, and transparency.

“What is reality?” is a question that repeatedly surfaces for me. In contemporary society the line between our perception of reality and illusion has become increasingly blurred. In my work this is highlighted through the friction between the stability of structure and the fragility of weightlessness and transparency. I aim to create the illusion to be seen exactly as an illusion, like the shadows on the wall in the analogy of Plato’s cave.”

Recent Exhibitions

Group Exhibition:      Art-link Canada, Vancouver
Group Exhibition:     Arti Et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:     Space Shapes Voyage, Cityscapes Foundation @ Sanquin, Amsterdam
Solo Presentation:    Anise Gallery, London
Artfair:                       Gallery Lokaal WV15 @ Kunst Rai
Group Exhibition:      New Energies, Cityscapes Foundation, Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:     Gallery Lokaal WV15, Amsterdam

Dou Booth:                Roos van Dijk, Daniel Mullen @ THIS Art Fair
Group Exhibition:     Newscapes City Scapes Gallery , Amsterdam
Open Studios:           NDSM Open Studio P9 @NDSM-WERF  Atelier P9
Group Exhibition:     Summer Expo @ Francis Boeske Projects  and Nieuwe Dakota
Group Exhibition:    “Summer in the City II ”  City Scapes Gallery  Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:    SHOW WHAT YOU WANT,  Exhibition and first edition magazine launch of Platform Platvorm   @ Galerie BART  (Bart Invites)
Duo Exhibition:         Franck Gribling and Daniel Mullen exhibition at City Scapes Gallery Amsterdam

Art Fair:                       Pan Amsterdam (Art Fair) with Gallery Brandt
Group Exhibition:      The Royal Prize for Painting @  Palais Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:       Slangen Hulsker Architects  in Haarlem with Galerie Brandt
Group Exhibition:       “Summer in the City”  GM8 City Scapes Gallery , Amsterdam
Group Exhibition:      Open ateliers, NDSM-werfStudio P9
Art fair:                       I AMSTERDAM YOU BERLINArt Fair (Galerie Brandt ) during Gallery Weekend Berlin
Art fair:                      Amfad  Experimental Art Fair,Amsterdam
Art fair:                      Raw Art Fair, Rotterdam Galerie Brandt


AkzoNobel – Netherlands
Hughes Hubbard and Reed Lip – Miami
Edison Investment Research-London
Sanquin Bloodbank, Amsterdam

Private Collections of note:
Eric Albada Jelgersma (NL)
WKB Collection (USA)

2016 Long-listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize
2014 Nominated for the Dutch Royal Prize for Painting
2012 Nominated for the Buning Brongers Prize for Painting
2012 Finalist for the TV Program, The Nieuwe Rembrandt
2012 Art Slant 1st Showcase Winner
2011 Art Slant 5th Showcase Winner