Carolina Simonelli

Carolina Simonelli is a Buenos Aires based painter and artist.

Carolina Simonelli was born in 1979 in a little town in the south of Argentina. She works and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying Advertising and working as an Art Director for a couple of years, she started her own way in arts. With different artists she studied drawing, painting and the use of colors. She began to work with collage and papers in 2007. In 2010 she met a great Argentian artist, Hernán Salamanco, who has been her teacher from that time. Although during those years she found her own style and went deeper into the world of collage and colors.

Moved by her love for impressionism and nature, since 2010 her work grows in productivity and size, as she goes into a deep exploration in the use of papers as painting. Nowadays she has her own place where she works and also assists Salamanco in some of his big projects. 


2008. “Collage #1”, solo exhibition at art collector Gustavo Mosteiro’s House.

2009. “Collage #2”, Muchatela Gallery.

2013. “Pinta Art Fair NY” / “Daydream”, solo exhibition. Rea Gallery.

2014. “ArteBA 2014”. Rea Gallery.

2015. “ArteBa 2015”. Rea Gallery.