Summer Break VA / Neue Arbeiten


Direktorenhaus is pleased to present new works by 9 designers like Rejon, Daniel Becker, Florian Schmid, Maria Bruun, Martin Haake, Rimma Tchiligarian, Karoline Fesser, Uli Budde and Mark Braun.

The gallery of Direktorenhaus has been in existence now for 5 years and can look back over more than 50 exhibitions. For almost half of this time one worked without the internet and electronic media that is hard to believe in the digital era. This makes it all the more fascinating to dip into the analogue world of handcrafted objects. The group of designers belongs to the avantgarde of Berlin based experimental product design and the show will be a walk through different aspects and media. The exhibition presents artist objects, furniture, glass, ceramics, illustration, and other paraphernalia. These materials were collected over the last year. For guided tours please ask for availability.

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