OLAF HAJEK – Flowerheads


Olaf Hajek’s illustrations reveal a peculiar luminosity. They are simple and clear and each drawing seems to hide an own private mystery which contributes a dose of fairytale to them.

Olaf Hajek was born in Rendsburg, northern Germany, in 1965. On the request of his parents he studied graphical design instead of arts. In the meanwhile he has become one of Germany’s best known illustrators and in the US, he is an artist of star-like potential. His distinctive style has emerged from the concentration on miniatures from India and American folk art. He paints with acrylic on paper, cardboard and wood. He does not only use a brush but has developed a very personal technique of wiping and scratching. As one of very few illustrators, he does not work on the computer but focuses exclusively on painting. “My style is my brandmark, my identity”, he says and stresses: “I love the haptical.” And this is exactly what makes his illustrations so pleasant: They stand out from the flood of digitally perfectionized images proper to our time.

Questioned about his favourite places to be he answers: “I must go to New York a few times every year … this is still a place that fills me with inspiration and gives me a lot of energy. And first of all, it’s the everyday culture in New York which is very inspiring, the colours, the interiours, the typography, the use of illustration! […] My favourite location in New York is the American Folkart Museum. After every visit I run to my working desk feverishly.”

Exhibition 28.05.2010 to 23.09.2010

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