Magdalena Wolan is a 27 years old illustrator living and working in Krakow, Poland. Thanks to her mother she started to develop her creativity as a child and since that moment simply did not stop anymore to express her artistic attitudes.

Magdalena gives illustration classes at the Art Department of the Pedagogical University of Krakow, loves working with students and cooperates with different Magazines and Publishing Companies.

She often pays attention to the concept of beauty and its relativity. Taking inspiration from those images which many people find ugly and sometimes even hideous, her objective ist to show how everything can become beautiful and fascinating within the change of points of view. That is how the idea of making a series about Pretty Ugliesdrawings was formulated by the artist.

Her drawings also have the function of a diary, i.e. the purpose to tell people what makes Magdalena happy or sad during these years of her life. They even talk about secrets, those which all of her characters try to hide and the observer is called to find out. In this context, eyes and faces always assume new fascinating meanings.

Opening: Thursday, 09.5. at 8 p.m