United in their long tradition in crafts, glass and iron still could hardly oppose one another more. One exemplifies fragility and transparence; the other metallic strength. Swedish artist Jan Lambert Kruse playfully uses these oppositions to create his fantastic glass objects.  Jan liquifies glass languidly leaking out of pipes and hanging off cage like structures.  This current exhibition follows the “Milky Way” exhibition, he confesses that his new work the acupuncoonswere inspired by an acupuncture session.

His recent cocoons are made using moulds with penetrative spikes or needles on the inside. He has adopted this approach rather than blowing the glass out of a iron thread net as in his previous work.  He says “I have done this to create a different sort of pressure by blowing the glass against the needles. So in that way the iron does not puncture the glass instead it folds around it. The result is that the glass is resting inside the cage, hanging on the needles.”  The second set of pieces take on a different view of pressure, “I want to visualize something liquid getting out, or material under pressure.”

Jan Lambert Kruse, born in Stockholm in 1962, studied metal craft at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Design and Craft in Stockholm. After his specialisation in glass and ceramics, he expanded his knowledge of the material at the Pilchuck Glass School in the US. Important shows include the International Exhibition of Glass in Japan, the Sassoulo Glass exhibition and several solo exhibitions in Sweden.

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