From the 16th of October to the 1st of November, works ranging from drawing, graphic prints, painting and monumental mural collages to graphically inspired 3D-illustrations, book art and animation were shown at Illustrative 09. With more than 60 artists from all around the world, Illustrative brought together an inspiring cornucopia of visual contemporary culture in the Villa Elisabeth located in the heart of Berlin.

Illustrative showcased an international scene of artist-designers, whose works have been inspired by subculture movements like comic and graffiti as well as by applied arts like illustration and book art. The exhibition explored the merging of infinite materials and techniques in widely unprecedented combinations – e.g. the latest development, where illustration and graphics are translated into the third dimension, or new narrative strategies in 3D-animation.

Illustrative 2009 showcased a new generation of successful artists, whose works unfold vitality of illustration and graphics. It demonstrated how unrivalled craft and visual trends merge into autonomous aesthetics.

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