Ferris McGuinty

29.06.2017 - 10.09.2017

Ferris McGuinty

Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin

Open daily
Mo – Fr 10 – 18.00 h


Ferris McGuinty (b.1978) is an artist whose work carries across a varying field of output, from sculpture and assemblage to furniture and lighting. He lives and works in Cornwall (UK). In this presentation of his current body of work we see a focus on assemblage, which primarily explores the relationship between material, form, and balance. Composition and spatial relationships are of a central concern to the artist. The scale of the works attempt to allow the viewer intimate access and in turn provides them with a pure aesthetic experience. Without a specific reference point, the works investigate line, colour, texture, shape, and volume, all of which are imbued with a sense of poetic timelessness. The works seem more to summon a mood as opposed to a message.

In a world now saturated with the “Hi-Tech”, his work instead subverts this approach, and calls upon the use of humble materials like stone, wire or wood. Their ordinary and unpretentious qualities draw upon a certain kind of beauty. Carefully poised and delicately balanced, they offer a reflection of the fragility of the world that surrounds us.