ERIK MARK SANDBERG – Picture Day in the Garden


It’s not easy to escape the glitz and lure of celebrity magazines and popular culture, especially when living in the glamorous world of Los Angeles. Erik Mark Sandberg critically comments on this world by highlighting the influences of the pop-industry in his controversial portraits. The „Hairy Children“ play among flower still lives at Johanssen Gallery from 10th July to 30th September, 2009.

Sandberg draws his ideas from his daily environment. Random observations, reports in the media or a collection of personal photos and snapshots inspire him. His works comment on everyday life; they approach their subject with subtle humour and flashy colours, always leaving room for interpretation.

Sandberg compares his practice to mathematical experiments. He combines the most different images – photographs, screen prints, painting, and digital works – makes them overlap and takes them away again to find an equation that works.

Erik Sandberg’s life is as diverse and experimental as his art. The former child actor, certified motor mechanic and graduated artist received several medals from the “American Society of Illustrators“ for his illustration work and teaches printmaking at the universities in Pasadena and in Northridge, California.

Opening: 10th July 2009, 7pm

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