Céline Lachkar

02.06.2017 - 18.06.2017

Céline Lachkar

Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin

Open daily
Mo – Fr 10 – 18.00 h


Céline Lachkar works invites you to listen to your own inner, glowing vibration.

Céline Lachkar was born in 1977, in Nice, France. Paris national art school and Angoulême higher visual arts school diplomas holder, she leaves and works now in Mulhouse. Her training is multiple: painting, ceramics, engraving, photo, video, sound, bronze casting, stained-glass, stone cutting, illumination, textile printing, embroidery, etc., but above all drawing, which stays in her heart and set a constructive basis for her work.

Her multiform work unfolds like an echo chamber. A multiple facets tale in which I operate as a miniaturist by fineness, sharp attention, interest for symbol and multiple reading levels. In different angles, playing with fragment and filigree, she tells two visions that form her perception of the world: the one, superficial and partitioned, which is characteristic of the modern world, and another – one of the researcher or creator which can find depth and cohesiveness.

This first gaze, mechanised and arid, powered by quantity, speed and spectacular reflections, stops at the surface of the world. Like a poorly irrigated land, it dries and breaks. This state of advanced mineralogy calls for irrigation and restoring depth. In this re-enchantment quest, she tries to create images that prepare and quench us. She searches for singing surfaces. In order to link the fragments and find resonances, we can listen to that still vibrates, shines in the dark – our inner treasures. This attention presents in care and precision that allows to de-compact and to dig into the surface.