Caleb Reid

05.05.2017 - 28.05.2017

Caleb Reid

Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin

Open daily
Mo – Fr 10 – 18.00 h



New Paintings by Caleb Reid is the artist’s first solo exhibition at Johanssen Gallery, comprising three distinct bodies of work, unified by a process of play, chance and intuition. His visceral works are a sensuous response to form and colour, exploring various subjects, from the nude to the artist’s own emotional state.

This body of work is a product of Caleb Reid’s experimentation with process. For Violent colour study I – VIII (2016), Reid rolled out a long stretch of canvas in a field producing a series of violent, turbulent works in quick succession. Whereas Minotaur’s odyssey (2016) is more compositionally considered, using visual references from Greek mythology.

Asked about this exhibition Caleb Reid expressed that; “These works were created in dialogue with the medium, rather than with a preconceived idea in mind…They come from me at a stage in my life where I am settled, and I just feel comfortable being playful with my art.”

However, within this contentedness Reid is still able to create emotionally charged works that confront the viewer with their primal, abstract imagery and sumptuous colour.
New Paintings by Caleb Reid is a provocative and ambitious exhibition from a young artist who has found his meaning through the process of painting.