Alessandro Grassi


The artistic process as such is always the focus of Grassi’s works. They are presenting the contact point between the unconscious and the consciousness, the way from an idea to a perceptible object. The works can be considered the accomplishment of a thought within a process, like blurred snapshots. In this spirit, also the used materials are extracted from a process, remains of our production cycle being familiar to us: basically wood and metal scrap. But it’s a fallacy to think that Grassi’s artistic concept is about recycling. It’s rather a matter of assigning and preserving feelings by the means of materials already having a history.

Following this idea, also Felsen has to be understood as a work in progress constantly being extended. The fictive climbing wall can and must not be climbed, but one can imagine the degree of difficulty. The same for the artist himself: He didn’t have to climb the wall, but doing the same efforts to realize the idea. The material wood reminds us of the first thing children use to climb: trees.